How It Works

A glass bong is made up of a bowl, down stem, a base, and a stem. The base is used for holding and storing water. The bowl is used for holding tobacco and it where the tobacco is lit. The stem allows the inhaled smoke to pass through it via the water up to the tube. It is generally a filtration device.

During the whole process, the lit tobacco produces smoke which travels through the water. This enables unwanted particles and molecules to be trapped and filtered out and the harshness of the hit is reduced. Then the smoke finally moves to the tube then the smoker inhales.

A glass bong is designed in a way that it will help reduce the coughing and burning sensation that one experiences while smoking naturally without the use of a bong. Those who don’t use bongs find themselves coughing and likely to introduce a burning effect to their throats which is dangerous. Bongs are designed with an aim of reducing the harshness but it is not eliminated completely.

Maintaining Bongs
All products made of glass are normally susceptible to shattering, breaking or cracking if handled carelessly. Purchasing a bong is just like purchasing other valuable things like a television. A bong should also be kept with a lot of care because they are artistic valuables that are made of glass.

The artwork takes a lot of time and for one to come up with an awesome art, it is not that simple. Acquiring a bong from a professional glass blower is even expensive. Therefore, the investment done on the bong should be appreciated with care in return.

Those who use bongs for smoking are to handle them with care because they are made of glass. For your bong to retain its value for a long time cleaning it is essential.

Cleaning bongs reduce stains as well as forms that might accumulate when it’s not washed after a while. This is to ensure that the device does effective work.

When cleaning a bong, ensure the used water is dumped and replace it with a cleaning solution. The cleaning solution may include, salty water, alcohol, dish soap or solutions that are used for cleaning pipes. Soap may not be recommended because of the steaks it might leave on the glass. Then, plug the holes in the bong and shake it severally as the solution hits every point of the bong. The places hard to reach can be cleaned using a pipe brush. Rinse the bong using clean purified tap water. Dump the water, then, refill the base with clean water and the bong will be ready for next usage.