Glass Bongs

A bong is a device that is used for purification when smoking tobacco. A bong can either be made of plastic or glass. It uses water to produce smoke, a bowl, and a stem. It is a complexly crafted art that comes in a variety of styles, color, and texture. There are some that are simple and bear a resemblance to an exaggerated pipe while others are complex and are mostly displayed in museums.

Bongs are produced by professional artists who make them look so elegant. They can be displayed or even used for decorations when they are not into use. Modern bongs evolved from the ancient hookahs back in the 16th century. Hookahs were used in smoking tobacco in those days. The use of bongs is still iconic to date and it is the way to smoke tobacco.

History of Bongs

Back in the old days, archaeologists of Russia discovered some bongs that were used by ancestors over 2400 years back. They were most likely to be ancient bongs that were used by the people of the Scythian Culture. They were ceremonial and ritualistic tools that were used by the Shamans and the tribe leaders.
Evidence of Bongs has been traced in many places including China, Vietnam, Laos, India, and other African countries. They are much more pegged to culture than just an innovation that someone came up with. Today they still exist and the only difference is improvement of color, style, and design.

Art designed bongs
Glass bongs are part of culture today as they have been given an artistic feel. They have a variety of artistry done on them and they are very attractive. Craftsmanship is making them attractive day by day. Artists today are venturing into better ways of improving the look of the bongs to different levels.

The artist community is working towards pushing each other and come up with improved styles each year. The creativity is advancing each day and it wonderful to have different styles each year. All the creativity is pegged on artist’s togetherness and ability to incorporate different ideas into one. Many see the artistic glass-blown bong in terms of the practical use but in a real sense, the artistic nature of the bong is more precious than putting the glass into use.